Hi. I'm Mike.

I make experimental games, interactive art, and software tools. Above all, I like to make things that color the way people view the world in interesting ways.

These days, I work with the Playful Systems group at the MIT Media Lab, where my research focuses on storytelling at the intersection of experiential theatre, interactive fiction, and audio-based augmented reality. Previously, I've worked on great products and teams such as Words With Friends, Timehop, and Pivotal Labs.

I believe the best way to get anything done is through intense collaboration with a few passionate and creative people. I love meeting new folks to jam with, so feel free to get in touch for any reason.

I'm currently looking for contract work. If you need a designer or developer, consider hiring me!

A few things I've made

This is a small selection of my projects. I have a complete list if you'd like to see more.

A few things I've written

There's plenty more for you to read on my blog.

Design and Technology


...But wait, there's more!

Want to get in touch for any reason? Feel free to reach out via your preferred method of communication. I accept carrier pigeons, smoke signals, and singing telegrams, but I'd probably recommend email.