Chirp Club

Chirp Club is a twitchy competitive local multiplayer videogame combining Joust-style movement and combat with elements of field sports.

Anywhere from 2 to 100 players can join a game simply by going to a web site on their smartphone, with no need to wait for a new round to start or another player to stop playing. It's simple enough that anybody can learn to play in less than a minute!

Chirp Club was created to make competitive local multiplayer more approachable. Instead of specialized hardware, it uses a web browser as a screen and smartphones as controllers. Instead of limiting the number of players or making new players wait until the end of a round, anyone can join at any time. Instead of a steep learning curve, newcomers can enjoy high-level competitive play within seconds or minutes of starting.

While many non-digital games share the qualities that make Chirp Club great (party games like Cards Against Humanity and casual pickup sports come to mind), Chirp Club is an attempt to bring that pick-up-and-play mentality and focus on accessibility to competitive e-sports.

Chirp Club has been shown at events and venues such as Come Out and Play (SF and NYC), Bit Bash, IndieCade East, Different Games, and Babycastles.

Showing Chirp Club at your event

Have an event you'd like to show Chirp Club at? It's a great fit for parties and events of all sizes. Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you're interested.

Running it generally requires:

  • A computer with a projector or large TV (anything capable of running a modern full-screen web browser with decent performance)
  • A fast and reliable internet connection for the host computer (wired or wireless)
  • Either good cell reception across carriers or free access to reliable WiFi for players

If network connectivity is an issue, send me an email anyway. I'm currently working on a standalone hardware version of the game that provides its own local network.