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“I wonder if it ever occurred to any of you that it required brains to become and remain a successful flapper? Indeed it does!

It requires an enormous amount of cleverness and energy to keep going at the proper pace. It requires self-knowledge and self-analysis. We must be constantly on the alert.

Attainment of flapperhood is a big and serious undertaking!”

– Ellen Welles Page,
A Flapper's Appeal To Parents, 1922

The Playful flapper here we see,
The fairest of the fair.
She's not what Grandma used to be, --
You might say, au contraire.
Her girlish ways may make a stir,
Her manners cause a scene,
But there is no more harm in her
Than in a submarine.

She nightly knocks for many a goal
The usual dancing men.
Her speed is great, but her control
Is something else again.
All spotlights focus on her pranks.
All tongues her prowess herald.
For which she well may render thanks
To God and Scott Fitzgerald.

Her golden rule is plain enough --
Just get them young and treat them rough.

-Dorothy Parker

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